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Class Action Litigation

A “Class Action” is a legal device in which one or more individuals maintain a legal action on behalf of themselves and all others who have been injured by the same business practice. The overall purpose of class action litigation is to give protection to the common consumer who has been wronged by a large corporation or business practice.

Class Actions are typically filed against large corporations that use unlawful and fraudulent business practices against many customers. Such lawsuits are best filed by individuals who suffered minor to medium damages that nonetheless resulted in considerable monetary gain to the company because the number of victims may reach into the millions.

Your Success, Our Experience

Donboli Law Group, LLP attorneys have successfully litigated cases on both the plaintiff-side and the defense-side involving lawsuits seeking to enforce various consumer statutes under federal and/or California law. Our class action typically involve the following:

  • Misleading or false advertising
  • Inadequate disclosure of contract terms
  • Failure to remedy problems or complaints

Donboli Law Group, LLP has the proven, strategic and creative solutions necessary to successfully litigate any class action case through final resolution.

Your Rights, Our Current Cases

Donboli Law Group, LLP attorneys are currently representing California and nationwide consumers in various class action suits, including but not limited to claims against:

  • Lifetime Products, Inc. for its sales of basketball hoop products, including the Slam-It Rim, with a false “Made in USA” label
  • Worthington Cylinder Corporation for its sales of Balloon Time helium tanks with a false “Made in USA” label
  • K-TEC (manufacturer of the Blendtec super blenders) for its sales of blenders (many through Costco road shows) with a false “Made in USA” label
  • Permatex, a division of Illinois Tool Works for its sales of vinyl and leather repair kits that were sold with a false “Made in USA” label

If you or someone you know would like to help represent in any of the above classes, please contact our Donboli Law Group, LLP office for additional information.

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