Five Defensive Driving Tips That Help Prevent San Diego Auto Collisions

Common knowledge dictates that most San Diego car accidents occur because of a driver’s negligence. A few common examples include those who use their cell phones, are distracted or drunk, and/or engage in other unsafe acts behind the wheel. Notwithstanding tough California motor vehicle laws, it is fair to presume that there will still be motorists who disregard the risks. Sadly, the Insurance Information Institute (III) states that 90 people die and another 6,337 people are injured in motor vehicle crashes every day.  You should anticipate that you are sharing the road with dangerous motorists who put you at risk, and the best way to protect yourself is by engaging in

defensive driving. This goes a long way to reducing the potential for San Diego car accidents, so keep the following in mind:

First, Eliminate all Distractions. When you are behind the wheel of a car, the only thing you should be concentrating on is safe operation of the vehicle. Every second (even a split second) matters in an auto crash.

Second, Be Prepared for the Unexpected. Use your inner spider-senses to anticipate other vehicles that are driving in a reckless manner.  Make sure to give larger trucks and commercial vehicles lots of room and avoid motor-cyclists and pedestrians by stopping well before a crosswalk.

Third, Do Not Assume Safe Driving By Others. Not all drivers follow traffic laws or understand right-of-way rules. You can not control other drivers’ erratic driving, but you can control how you react to even reckless drivers.

Fourth, Employ the 3-4 Second Rule. Most experts agree that you should estimate that it will take around 3-4 seconds for your vehicle to come to a complete stop when braking. If you are going too fast, that time period reduces to fractions of a second in certain circumstances. Please reduce your speed and allow for appropriate distances between you and other vehicles.

Trust a San Diego Auto Crash Lawyer to Advise You.

Hopefully, you can utilize these and other defensive driving tips to reduce the risk of serious car accidents in San Diego or California in general. If you are injured in a collision, please contact John Donboli at the Donboli Law Group to schedule a free consultation in our San Diego office.